I’m a shutterbug. I absolutely love photographs, and the hallways in our home are lined with them. This scrapbook will give you a composite of my professional life—where I work and where it takes me.

Me at Work
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I chose my workspace for the view, which happens to be on the south side of the house. I claimed a corner of our large kitchen/morning room as my own. I’ve written every one of my books here. I honestly can't imagine trading my view for four walls—even to have more room. I may outgrow it at some point.  But for now, it's a blessing.  
My workspace overlooks the fifteenth fairway of a golf course, but the gently sloping hill and hardwood trees make it seem much like a city park—very conducive to keeping my creative juices flowing. I see all kinds of birds and wildlife as I work and also a couple dozen hummingbirds swarming the feeders in the summer.  
KLTV Interview
At Home Live
I was feeling butterflies before my very first TV interview, which happened to be with KLTV, a local Tyler station. It’s been amazing to see the way the community of Tyler has rallied around me as a “hometown” author.
Here I am on the set of "At Home Live" with Chuck and Jennie Borsellino—facing a viewing audience of forty million homes. I’m actually more confident during live interviews because once I connect with the host, I forget I’m being filmed.
Booksigning at ICRS
Tyler Women’s Night Out
I love meeting retailers and signing my books at the International Christian Retail Show. ICRS is held every July and draws more than 12,000 people from over fifty different countries around the world. It's always a highlight for me to connect with other authors, publishers, and the retailers who sell my books.
Some of my favorite book signings have been held at hometown events such as the annual Tyler Women’s Night Out. Sponsored by local merchants, this gala of food, fun, giveaways, and entertainment draws gals from all over East Texas. It’s a great forum for introducing myself and my books to new friends.
Patty Foster
Oak Grove Bible Church in Bullard, Texas held their first ever women's conference and decided they needed more restroom facilities for the ladies, so they used the men's room, too—with a creative sense of humor.
I spoke at a women's conference at Oak Grove Bible Church in Bullard, Texas with renowned speaker, Patti Foster. It was a fun day of contributing, meeting new friends, and listening to Patti's amazing testimony.


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