Ozark Mountain Trilogy— A work in progress!

Suspense Series set in northwest Arkansas

I have often thought to myself that Arkansas is one of the best-kept secrets. Having moved to Texas from Colorado, anytime I miss the mountains, I can travel to nearby Arkansas and satisfy that longing. Granted, the mountains in the Natural State are thousands of feet lower in elevation than the big boys but they still take my breath away—and they’re green! These rolling mountains are covered by forests of lush hardwoods that turn magnificent colors in the fall.

The setting for the three books in this series is the fictional town of Foggy Ridge, near Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas. This little corner of paradise is a nature lover’s dream, famous for its exceptional lake and river fishing, white water rafting, camping, and hiking. There’s also a variety of family attractions within easy driving distance including The Great Passion Play and statue of Christ of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs and world-class shows just across the border in Branson, Missouri.


The books are geared around the Cummings family, which owns and operates Angel View Lodge—just minutes from Foggy Ridge and high atop Sure Foot Mountain. The lodge boasts a spectacular view of Beaver Lake and some of the most glorious sunrises and sunsets on the planet. Thick white fog often blankets the lake overnight, and sunrises give guests the sense of being up higher than the clouds, thus the name Angel View.

No book of mine would be complete without a place for locals to gather and talk, and Flutter’s Café at Angel View is the spot. The café is glassed in on three sides, offering postcard views of Beaver Lake and the mountainous region around it, as well as a “bird’s eye view” of Kate Cummings’s hummingbird garden.


Each story is page-turning  suspense—Kathy Herman style—and I don’t think you will be disappointed!